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Sarti is a destination, ideal for all expectations.

You can live all kinds of experiences, from sunbathing on the beach, enjoying the warm sun for hours, to exploring the hiking trails up on the mountain.

Sarti may fulfill all your desires and speak in every traveler’s heart.

You can pick from a list of things to do and have experiences which will make your holidays here memorable.

Try visiting many places around, sightseeing all overSithonia peninsula and Halkidiki, participate in organized cruises with your family or feel the rush by attempting a variety of watersports.

For those who like to stay fit during their vacation, we recommend the graphic hiking routes you can follow.

Sarti offers a package of options that will leave every single one of you satisfied.



Sarti offers you a variety of activities and things to do.

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Why Visit Sarti

Sarti is a place of incomparable beauty.

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Greece is famous for the numerous of celebrations and traditions.

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Greek cuisine is one of the most popular in the world.

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