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By the first minutes in Sarti and in Greece in general, you will find out that Greek life is bound with music.

From enjoying the distinguishing tunes of buzuki (or bouzouki) while having a lunch at a local tavernato partying to pop Greek music at a beach bar, while taking a sip from your mojito, Greek music is present everywhere.

You might also have the chance to listen to folklore music and watch or even take part in folklore dancing at a localfestival.

We have organized for you youtube lists of different kinds of Greek music to accompany you while traveling or relaxing.

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If you are interested in knowing more details about history of folklore music read below:

The history of Greek music goes far back into Ancient Greece, where music was a major part of ancient Greek Theater.

Later influences from the Roman Empire, EasternEurope, and the Byzantine Empire,altered the form and style of Greek music.

Music was an important part of education in ancient Greece, and boys were being initiated into the art of music by the age of six.

Greek musical literacy created a flowering of development.

Greek music theory included the Greek musical modes, eventually became the basis for Eastern and Western religious musicand classical music.

Greek folk music traditions are said to derive from the music played by ancient Greeks.

There are said to be two musical movements in Greek folk music (Paradosiaki mousiki): Akritic songs and klephtic songs.

Akritic music comes from the 9th century Akrites or border guards of the Byzantine Empire.

Following the end of the Byzantine period, klephtic music arose before the Greek Revolution developed among the kleftes, warriors who fought against the Ottoman Empire.

Klephtic music is Monophonic and uses no harmonic accompaniment.

Dimotika tragoudia are accompanied by clarinets, tambourines, lauto, violins and lyras, and include dance music like syrto, kalamatiano, tsamiko and hasaposerviko, as well as vocal music like kleftiko.

The lyrics are based on dimotiki (folk) poetry (usually by anonymous lyricist) and popular themes are love, marriage, humor, death, nature, water, sea, religious,klephts, armatoloi, various war fighters or battles.

Greek folk music is found all throughout Greece, Cyprusand several regions of Turkey, as well as among communities in countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The island of Cyprus and several regions of Turkey are home to long-standing communities of Greeks in Turkey with their own unique styles of music.


A place that combines mythology and history, Sarti has a reach past full of facts and stories like the rest of Greece.

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Sarti is a place of heaven as far as it concerns food choices.

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