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Sarti is a destination, well suitable for family vacation.

Children can enjoy their time in Sarti under complete safety.

The pedestrian road along the beach is ideal for walking with children andbaby strollers and meet the beach side of the village from one end to the other.

Sarti’s beach with the gold sand is perfect for children to play, especially the south part where the waters are shallow.

You will have a fantastic day with your family, full of fun, activities, and many events.

Children will be thrilled, and you will have the chance to relax on the deck chair and get tanned, but you can also be energized with aerobics or aqua aerobics.

There are many activities for families to enjoy together, such as watersports, walking routes, horse and mule riding and cruises you can join together.

If you care for a day at the beach, you can go on an organized day cruise and visit different beaches, accessible only by the sea.

Informations about cruises starting from Sarti are provided by your hotel and accommodation or the local travel agencies.

Accommodations in Sarti is perfect for hosting families.

You can choose your accommodation with kitchen included or you can pick one which offers meals in the price, depending on your preferences.

All the above in a very good price range.


For couples, looking for a romantic place to spend their holiday, Sarti is the place to be.

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Halkidiki is a miracle of natureand combines, in an absolute compatibility, the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains.

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If you are an active and adventurous personor you enjoy exploring new places, Sarti is the destination for you.

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