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If you are an active and adventurous personor you enjoy exploring new places, Sarti is the destination for you.

You can always lie on the beach and enjoy the sun or find new beaches, but there are also other activities that will keep your energy levels high.


There is a variety of cruises you can attend with your family and have a great time, Here we have some suggestions:

Mount Athos cruise

A beautiful day tour along the shore of the monk republic of Mount Athos.

Admire the natural beauty and the Greek-orthodox monasteries dated back to the Byzantine Empire.

The Republic of Athos lies on the third and most eastern peninsula of Halkidiki, being an autonomous self-administering part of the Greek-orthodox church and its monuments from the Byzantine time.

Since its foundation (between 7th. and 9th. century) admission to women is strictly forbidden.

Men can visit the monasteries after obtaining a special visa from the authorities.

Twenty monasteries exist today guarding precious objects of incalculable historical and religious value, which are infallible witnesses of the Byzantine Empire.

The cruise starts from the picturesque port of Sarti, with a boat of Katerina and Anestis offering all the standard comforts to its passengers.

Sailing directly to the southern point of the peninsula also called Erimos (Desert), youwill be amazed by the numerous hermitages built on this part.

With the boat approaching closer to the shores, breathtaking views of the monasteries will leave you speachless.

Multilingual guides bring you closer to the history of orthodoxy, the monastic life, and the monasteries.

The trip doesn’t end here but it is continued with a visit to the island of Halkidiki called Amouliani.

A few-hour break on Amouliani allows you to discover the authentic Greek cuisine and the wonderful landscape.

The cruise ends with the arrival back to Sartilate in the afternoon a little bit tired but full of unforgettable memories.

Blue Lagoon cruise

Enjoy one entertaining day of swimming and sunbathing cruise.

The captain and the rest of the crew wait for you at the harbor of Sarti.

Starting in the morning with the northern part of Sithonia as destination , you have the opportunity to jump into the open sea and admire the marvelous beaches of Vourvourou and Kavourotripes.

In the evening at the last stop you will have the luck to take part in the food preparation spot on the beach where the captain will help you prepare the grill and the salads.

Of course such a once-in-a lifetime cruise must be filled with unlimited wine, dance and lots of fun.

Robinson cruise

Adventure at open Sea.

Enjoy one funny and adventurous trip by boat.

We start at noon to the northern coast of Sithonia.

First stop icludes swimming and snorkelling around.

Dive into the deep blue and admire sea urchins and oysters and whatever else this blessed place has to flaunt of.

Amouliani island cruise

Modern Greek Odyssey.

Adventure into the northern island of the Halkidiki awaits you, as in the case of the resourceful Ulysses once did.

In the morning the boat departs from Sarti.

By the first stop at the picturesque Portokali bay, the opportunity comes up to sunbathe or swim.

Another Swimming chanceoccurs at the next stop, on the enchanting donkey islands before Amouliani, the last stop where for almost one hour and a half you can undertake either a restful walk through the village or strengthen yourself in one of the traditional taverns.

On the way back you can discover one of the most impressive bays of Amouliani, the wonderful Karagatsi bay.

Late afternoon arrival at Sarti’s harbor will leave you full of vitamin SEA.


Mule riding

Up to the mules and into the mountains of Sithonia.

An unforgettable trip into the virgin nature.

The experienced guide will show you hidden places you would never expect to find.

Choose your Mule individually whether it is called Markus, Vangelis or Ermis everything you bring in the purpose! Experience a notable day in thrilling nature.

Hold a chat with the experienced leader or sing a song on the back of the Mules and high on top in the mountains.

Hold on the camera to take unbelievable panoramic photos.

Have a short rest for yourselves and the Mules and recover in the shade of grandiose olive trees.

Enchant yourself by this unique nature and be surprised by hidden places which you would never have assumed.

Mule riding is suitable for the whole family to enjoy.


Horse riding

On the back of a horse, you can really feel free.

But before you can saddle up, you will be introduced by an experienced trainer to the practice of riding.

In the paddock outside of the village you will get to know the horses, which you will take a leisurely ride with,along other riders into the mountains or by the sea.

Experience the fascinating environment and the untouched nature.

Do not forget a hat, your sun cream and a bottle of water.

Stay hydrated and protected.


Water sports

What will it be a place by the sea without watersports? In Sarti fun comes by staying active by, in or under the sea.

Scuba diving, surfing, cut surfing, water ski, banana sport, slider ring are just a few of the choices.

Just name it and Sarti promises a sea thrill.


Scuba diving

A breath-taking discovery scuba diving in Sarti.

Diving Overview has a maximum diving depth of around 30m (98.4ft) and is suitable for all divers.

The average visibility is 10-20 meters and access to the dive site is by boat.

Ready for a new challenge? Why not open your eyes to the sights, sounds and sensations of a new exciting underwater world with scuba? At organized diving centers of Sithoniaand with the experienced and certified dive instructors, you will be taught the basic rules of scuba, got familiarized with the diver’s equipment and then you will be ready to dive and discover the home of exotic fishes and plants.

All these included in the first course.

It’s indicated bothfor beginners as well as foradvanced divers.


Goa Kayak tour

Amazing rock formations and incredibly colored waters form a breathtaking scenery, available for you to enjoy while paddling around.

Heading to Goa beach with the famous Goa beach-bar you might discover a cave where a colony of bats gives a party just over your shoulders, the little rocky island just across Sarti Beach, and some remarkably interesting and beautiful rock formations along the way.

No Kayak experience is necessary. Are you ready to paddle?



Have you ever tried hiking? With just your hiking boots, a hat and a small bag filled with the necessary, Sartigives you a few potential walking routes to discover.

Beautifuland small hiking trails, will make you walk through pine trees while admiring a breathtaking view of the colorful waters of North Aegean and of Mount Athos.

There are different hiking trails in terms of difficulty, and you can choose to start from the mountainDragountelis or from Sarti’sbeach.

Closer to the mountain you mightcome across the old mill, the water sources of Sarti, or you may have a look at Itamos tree one of the oldest in the world.

Along the beach route you can visit the Karcharias bays and other small beaches.

So tight your boots and keep walking.


Family Travel

Sarti is a destination, well suitable for family vacation. Children can enjoy their time in Sarti under complete safety.

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For couples, looking for a romantic place to spend their holiday, Sarti is the place to be.

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Halkidiki is a miracle of natureand combines, in an absolute compatibility, the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains.

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