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For couples, looking for a romantic place to spend their holiday, Sarti is the place to be.

Relax under the sun and make memories with your loved ones, visiting the wonderful beaches around.

As the sun goes down and the colors in the sky create this idyllic atmosphere, take a romantic stroll along the beach, it is the ideal way to start your evening.

You can enjoy a cocktail and have some dinner right next to the sea followed by the sound of waves.

Sarti is also a great place to host your wedding and have amazing photos with gorgeous views.

Many couples got married in Sarti and they come back every year for their anniversary to celebrate with friends and family.

Family Travel

Sarti is a destination, well suitable for family vacation. Children can enjoy their time in Sarti under complete safety.

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Halkidiki is a miracle of natureand combines, in an absolute compatibility, the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains.

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If you are an active and adventurous personor you enjoy exploring new places, Sarti is the destination for you.

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