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Halkidiki is a miracle of natureand combines, in an absolute compatibility, the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains.

Sarti is a great example of Halkidiki’s beauty because of the turquoise waters and the beautiful green of the trees.

Besides Mount Athos, which we are lucky enough to admire it every day, Halkidiki is surrounded by two more mountains: Holomondas and Itamos, both located in the central and east Halkidiki.

The rich forest of Holomontas offers unforgettable tours.

During the Wintertime it is usually snowy.

Take a walk under pines, oaks and firs with the clean air filling your lungs and soul and the amazing sound of birds accompanying this magical backdrop.

Mount Itamos is the highest, and the largest mountain range of the peninsula of Halkidiki.

It is located near Neos Marmaras and is the perfect place for cycling and hiking.

There is rich growth and it offers excellent panoramic views of Toroneos bay from its western side.

Its name is a reference in rare trees that are being protected.

Family Travel

Sarti is a destination, well suitable for family vacation. Children can enjoy their time in Sarti under complete safety.

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For couples, looking for a romantic place to spend their holiday, Sarti is the place to be.

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If you are an active and adventurous personor you enjoy exploring new places, Sarti is the destination for you.

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